How Do I Pencil Sticker?

Well, there are down the side stickers and wrap around stickers. But there are no rules in pencil stickering. Except, maybe try to put them near the eraser part so they don't get chewed up by the meany pencil sharpener teeth.

Pencil Sticker Do's and Dont's

  • DO put pencil stickers on your pencil.
  • DON'T put them on your cat. (Wait until we invent cat stickers.)
  • DO put a sticker on your pencil every time they help you get a good grade.
  • DON'T put stickers on your brother or sister. (unless your brother or sister is a pencil)
  • DO trade pencil stickers with your friends.
  • DON’T trade them with aliens from outerspace. (Pencil stickers are made especially for earth kids.)

Far Out Pencil Facts

  • A pencil can write underwater. But that doesn’ t mean you should do homework in the pool.

  • One pencil can draw a line 70 miles long, which is what math homework feels like sometimes.

  • Pencils have been around for about 400 years.
    How else do you think George Washington drew monster faces on his notebook?

  • Pencils have been to space. And that’s how we know Martians have horrible handwriting.