Welcome to the best ever website because
it’s the place to get Those Pencil Sticker Things.


What are pencil stickers, you ask...

They’re only the perfect kind of stickers made exactly for your boringville plain pencils. The thing is, teachers say you have to write with pencils. But, that doesn’t mean your pencils have to make you fall asleep all over your desk. That’s what math is for. Anyway, the inventors at our inventing factory decided we needed to invent pencil stickers. And we did. If pencils had hands they would so be high-fiving us now.


What Those Pencil Sticker Things will do for your pencil:

1. Make them awesometastic.

2. Give them special “right answer” powers. (not really, but maybe)

3. Make them warmer. Without stickers, pencils are sometimes cold.


Here’s what pencils are saying.

“Before I was just a regular yellow pencil that looked the same as everyone else. Then my human got Those Pencil Sticker Things™ and now I’m all different and extra great.”

- Carleton the Pencil


“Thank you inventor people of Those Pencil Sticker Things™, I used to be scared of spelling tests and long book reports. But now I'm all like, "let's do this, school stuff. I'm about to take you to A+ town.”

- Katherine P. Pencil